Seminars 2019-20

The group regularly holds a Wednesday afternoon seminar allowing visitors, staff and students to give a talk on their current work. Guests are very welcome; if you would like to participate by giving a talk please contact our seminar organiser, Dr Thomas Howson.

Unless stated otherwise, our seminars start at 1:30pm in Lecture Theatre A , Mathematical Institute, School of Mathematics and Statistics.

Seminar abstracts are revealed by moving the mouse pointer over the title. Visiting speakers are indicated by an asterisk.

A series of related seminars on Applied Mathematics can be found at and similarly for the University of Dundee at

Martinmas Semester:   Sept - Dec 2019
25/09 Prof Alan HoodCoronal Heating A
02/10 Prantika Bhowmik*Prediction of sunspot cycle 25 and next decade of solar variability A
09/10 Sandra Milena Conde Cuellar*Analysis of coronal loop oscillations during flaring events A
17/10 Peter Damiano*Electron dynamics in kinetic scale field line resonances D
30/10 Jamie Quinn*The effect of anisotropic viscosity on the nonlinear kink instability A
06/11 Thomas Neukirch(A couple of remarks on) Force-free collisionless current sheets A
13/11 Thomas HowsonHeating in a Coronal Arcade A
20/11 Petros SyntelisSolar eruptions across different scales A
27/11 Paolo PaganoWhat MHD waves have to do with coronal heating? A
04/12 Duncan MackayIs a prominence a flux rope or a sheared arcade? A