Lebanon Militias

- Erwin Sablon & Karim Van Overmeire

I promised a few weeks ago to post some info on Lebanon militia's we collected for our planned microarmour campaign Lebanon 1982-1984. Since I have only limited time I will post the information in parts. If there is any additional information you can provide, please do so !

For each militia (or Army) I will first give some background followed by their armament and organisation (if "organisation" is the right word).

The Campaign

At our local club (Ghent, Belgium) we are currently running a campaign with 8 players. However, no miniatures gaming is involved at the moment.

(Erwin and Karim have also written "BEKAA BLUES" Lebanon 1982 Modern micro-armour rules.)

Campaign : Give Libanon a chance (1975-1992)

Player 1: Israel + SLA (South Libanese Army from Saad Haddad)
Player 2: Syria + several pro-Syrian factions such as the PNSF (Palestinian National Salvation Front), PLA (Palestinian Liberation Army), MDA (Marada militia from the christian Franjieh Clan), SNSP (Syrian National Socialist Party) and ADP (Arab Democratic Party)
Player 3: Palestinians from Yasser Arafat (PLO-Fatah) + the pan-arabic nationalists of the "Mourabitoun"
Player 4: Falangists from Gemayel (Phalanges Libanaises) + some smaller factions like the "Tachnag" (Armenian Revolutionary Federation) and the PDF (Parlementary Democratic Front, Soeni nobles)
Player 5: Liberal christians from Chamoun together with the Druzes from the Yezbacki Clan
Player 6: Druzes from Joemblatt (PSP : Progressive Socialist Party)
Player 7: AMAL militia (shia muslims from Nabih Berri)
Player 8: Fundamentalist muslims from Sheik Fadlallah (Hezbollah + Tawheed Islamia)

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