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We won an award! Astounding! Well it's nice to know your appreciated.

SOTCW: Vietnam War Study Group pages. Everything you wanted to know about gaming the Vietnam war - Maintained by Pete Jones.

The Modern Wargames Discussion List

Discussion list dedicated to all aspects of twentieth century wargaming and boardgaming. Rules, army lists, technology, weapons systems, books, figures, models, latest releases, and much more.

To subscribe send an e-mail to LISTSERV@TC.UMN.EDU with no subject header and the message:

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Any problems contact Chris Scruton at

Chris has also written a guide to 20th Century Wargaming Resources on the Internet which appeared in issue 22 of The Journal.

The Command Decision Discussion List

Discussion list dedicated to the Command Decision rules. Rules queries, weapon stats., TOEs, scenarios, figures, models, etc.

To subscribe contact Barry Geipel at

Some Interesting Files

Rules, Amendments & TOEs

Army Organisation, Vehicles, etc.

Figures, Models & Painting

Games & Scenarios

Companies run by SOTCW Members

20th Century Related Web Sites

There are a number of other WWW sites related to 20th Century Wargaming.

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