The Wargames Holiday Centre

WW2 Games Planed For 97

  • April 4-6 France 1940
  • June 6-8 D-Day
  • July 4-6 Arnhem
  • August 10-16 General Week (inc WW2)
  • September 7-13 General Week (inc WW2)
  • October 3-5 Epsom 1944

    General Info

    Price per person: Weekends 100 pounds sterling, Weeks 250 pounds sterling.

    The Wargames Holiday Centre,
    The Enchanted Cottage,
    North Yorkshire
    YO11 3UH.

    01723 890580 or 01723 891062

    One Such Game .......

    Thanks to Paul Scrivens-Smith who provided a number of photos of a recent Arnhem game staged at the wargames holiday centre.

    Action on the outskirts of Arnhem

    Also available is a write-up of one of their recent weekend games: France 1940 by Paul.

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