Belgian Organisation in WW2

Thanks to Erwin Sablon erwinsab@INNOGENETICS.BE for this.

Tank Company (1940)


3 Pltns: 3 AFV
Notes: AFV would be either all T-13 or three T-13 and nine T-15. One T-13 company was organic to each infantery and cavalery division, and one mixed company to each cavalery division.

Armored recce company (1940)

CHQ: 2 AGC-1

2 Pltns: 3 AGC-1

Notes: There was only one such company in the Belgian army

Rifle company (1940)

CHQ: 1 officer (pistol)
     1 NCO
     10 Riflemen

3 Pltns: PHQ: 1 officer
              1 NCO
              4 riflemen
         4 Secs: 1 NCO with SMG
                 1 Browning automatic rifle
                 8 riflemen

         Mort. Sec: 1 NCO
                    1 rifleman
                    3 50 mm mortars with 3 crew each

Notes: Approx. 1 in 6 companies had 1 UK supplied ATR with 2 crew
The Rifle Company might be directly supported by up to 1 MG platoon, 1 howitzer platoon, 1 AT platoon or rarely, the regimental scout platoon:

Battalion or regimental MG platoon

PHQ: 1 officer
     1 NCO
     2 riflemen

4 MG Secs: 1 NCO
           8 crew
           1 US M1917 .30 cal watercooled MG 

Regimental howitzer platoon

PHQ: 1 officer
     1 NCO
     2 Crew

4 Howitzer Secs: 1 FRC 76 mm IG
                 1 transport (Lt truck or Vickers Utility Tractor)
                 1 NCO
                 1 driver
                 4 crew

Regimental AT platoon

PHQ: 1 officer
     1 NCO

4 AT Secs: 1 FRC 47 mm ATG
           1 Tractor
           1 NCO
           1 Driver
           9 Crew

Regimental scout platoon

PHQ: 1 officer
     1 NCO
     3 Riflemen

2 bicycle secs: 1 NCO
                1 LMG with 2 crew
                8 Riflemen

1 motorised sec: 1 NCO
                 1 driver
                 1 LMG with 2 crew
                 8 Riflemen
                 1 Lt truck

Composition of the Belgian Army on the 10th of May 1940

I. Infantery divisions

1 ID : 3th, 4th and 24th Line regiment, 1st artillery regiment, 1st Engineer batallion
2 ID : 5th, 6st and 28th Line regiment, 2nd artillery regiment, 12th Engineer batallion
3 ID : 1st, 12th and 25th Line regiment, 3rd artillery regiment, 3rd Engineer batallion
4 ID : 7th, 11th and 15th Line regiment, 8 th artillery regiment, 4th Engineer batallion
5 ID : 1st, 2nd and 4th "jagers te voet" (don't know the exact translation), 11th artillery rgt., 5th Engineer btn.
6 ID : 9th Line, 1st Grenadiers, 1st Carabiniers, 6th artillery Rgt., 7th Engineer Btn.
7 ID : 18th Line, 2nd Grenadiers, 2nd Carabiniers, 12th artillery Rgt., 6th Engineer Btn.
8 ID : 13th, 19th and 21st Line, 5th Artillery Rgt., 10th Engineer Btn.
9 ID : 8th, 16th and 17th Line, 4th Artillery Rgt., 9th Engineer Btn.
10 ID : 3rd, 5th and 6th "jagers te voet", 10th artillery Rgt., 8th Engineer Btn.
11 ID : 14th, 20th and 29th Line, 9th Artillery Rgt., 11th Engineer Btn.
12 ID : 2nd, 22nd and 23rd Line, 7th Artillery Rgt., 2nd Engineer Btn.
13 ID : 32nd, 33rd and 34th Line, 21stArtillery Rgt., 14th Engineer Btn.
14 ID : 35th, 36th and 38th Line, 22nd Artillery Rgt., 13th Engineer Btn.
15 ID : 31st, 42nd and 43rd Line, 23rd Artillery Rgt., 16th Engineer Btn.
16 ID : 37th, 41st and 44th Line, 24th Artillery Rgt., 18th Engineer Btn.
17 ID : 7th, 8th and 9th "jagers te voet", 25th Artillery Rgt., 17th Engineer Btn.
18 ID : 39th Line, 3rd Grenadiers, 3rd Carabiniers, 26st Artillery Rgt., 15th Engineer Btn.

1st "Ardennes" Division : 1st, 2nd and 3rd "Ardeense jagers" (don't know the exact translation), 1/19th Engineer Btn.
2nd "Ardennes" Division : 4th, 5th and 6th "Ardeense jagers", 2/19th Engineer Btn.

II. Cavalery Divisions

1 CD : 1st Guides, 2nd and 3rd Lancers, 1st and 3rd Carabiniers-cyclists, 17th Artillery  Rgt., 25th Engineer Btn.
2 CD : 1st and 2nd "jagers te paard" (don't know the exact translation), 1st Lancers, 2nd and 4th Carabiniers-cyclists, 18th Artillery Rgt., 26th Engineer Btn.

Motorised Cavalery Brigade : 2nd Guides, 4th Lancers

Info from The Journal of The Society of Twentieth Century Wargamers

Belgium Infantry Battalion Organisation

- Jeff Mason

Infantry Battalion (374men)

BHQ : 1 Major, 2 Officers, 1 Clerk, 22 Riflemen
      (Admin staff & Signals Section)

3 Rifle Companies: (4 Off, 213 Riflemen)

  3 Rifle Platoons:
    4 Double Sections:
       Light Automatic Section (6 men)
           5 Rifles, 1Light/Auto + Pistol
       Rifle Section (8 men)
           8 Rifles, 1 Grenade Launcher/Mortar
  1 MG Platoon:
    2 MMG

1 MG Company:(4 Off, 168 Riflemen)

    3 Platoons:
        2 Sections(18 men)
            2 MMG
    1 Gun Platoon:
        3 Guns


Rifles are Fusil 1889
Light/Autos are Fusil-Mitrailleur 1930 (Basically a BAR)
Grenade Launcher/Mortars are Lance Grenades De 50mm DBT
MMGs are MG 221 or Milrailleuse & Hotchkiss
Guns are 75mm L24 Bofors M34 Mountain guns,
76mm L9 FRC Infantry Guns,
or rarely 81mm Brandt M1927 mortars.

From 1940 1 in 6 Battalions get 1 Boys AT rifle per platoon.
At regimental level:
A/T Company 6 47mm SA-FRC guns + Vickers Armstrong Utility tractors