Soviet Organisation in WW2

Thanks to Janne Kemppi for the following TO&Es. The information is obtained from Finnish military sources:

Tietoja puna-armeijan...
Information of Red Army Organisations 1940-1942, 1942

Taktillisia ja teknillisi=E4 tietoja...
Tactical and Technical Information of Enemy Forces (various dates 1941-1944)

The 1944 organisational info was originally taken from papers found from dead Russian officer in Summer 1944 and then translated into Finnish. I am not sure it is official by any means as soviet division was supposed to have about 10,000 men instead of 5600 given in divisional chart. Only the infantry company information was available in any accurate form.

The following are LARGE files giving detailed (down to individual weapons) TOEs of Soviet divisions:


  • Soviet Infantry Regiment (Peacetime Strength 13th June, 1940).


  • Soviet Infantry Division (Wartime Strength 5th April, 1941).
  • Soviet Motorised Infantry Regiment (Wartime Strength 5th April, 1941).
  • Soviet Diminished Division (Sokrashtshenna divizia) (29th July, 1941).
  • Soviet Infantry Division Organisations (12th October, 1941)
  • Soviet Infantry Division Organisations (11th November, 1941)


  • Soviet Infantry Division Organisations (Diminished, 1944).