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Chris Scrutons Guide to 20th Century Wargaming Resources on the Internet

Online Magazines

The Miniatures Page: A WWW Magazine

The Web Wargamer An on-line wargaming magazine.

The Historical Miniature Pages Up-to-date wargames information by Bob French. Military Miniatures: Magazine for Collectors of Figures and Vehicles in 1:72 Scale.

The War Times Journal Articles & photos on many historical and contemporary conflicts.

MagWeb provides an on-line subscription service for a number of gaming magazines.

Pages Related to Specific Games

Panzers - Grey Storm, Red Steel page by William Hutchison. Covers rules from Firebase Games and some other companies.

Command Decision Mailing list

John Wilkies Vietnam Page Using Bodycount rules.

A Number of links related to Harpoon modern naval rules.

COMMAND AT SEA - WWII Naval Miniatures Rules. Game description, Product support, Product/Model/Distributor information, and a large amout of related files that can be downloaded.

A Number of links related to Spearhead WW2 rules.

CROSSFIRE World War II Company Level Rules.

John Malcolm's Steel Panthers 2 Page.

The Generals Guild. Play By E-mail site devoted to SSI games. (Panzer General, Allied General, Fantasy General, Steel Panthers I-II and III and Pacific General.)

General Pages

Alan's Kursk Pages. Lots of info, OOBs, Photos & sources.

Ed's Hobby Hovel Includes some info on Arab-Israeli war 1948.

rec.models.scale WWW pages.

Tom Trinko's armour penetration calculator.

World War I Modeling Page

Microarmour rules 1/300th Low Tech 20th Century Conflicts 1930 - 1970 by Paul Roberts.

Mapsymbs. Downloadable military map symbols by Tom Mouat.

Wargames Clubs/Societies involved in 20th Century Games

British Historical Games Society (BHGS) Includes some photos of WW2 vehicles.

The Canadian Wargamers Group Home Page

Dallas Thursday Night Irregulars wargaming page

Historical Miniatures Gaming Society - South

Mansfield Wargames Club pages

The Naval Wargames Society. Run by Simon White, a must for those interested in this aspect of 20th century wargaming.

Pegasus/Last Square Gamers home page.

ON LINE Wargames Shops/Companies/Products with 20th Century Connections

Battles for Empire Publications wargames rules. Including Beer and Pretzels Skirmish with a number of 20th century scenarios.

Brookhurst hobbies, in the US, have a web site and an e-mail address brookhobby@aol.com.

Crusader Models, run by Calvin Ong in the US, have a web page & e-mail address cmgo@ix.netcom.com or crusader_models@mailexcite.com. They make WW1, WWII and Modern 1/76th and 1/87th resin models.

Easy Eight's Battleground World War II rules. Ordering infomation & some related downloads.

Felix Enterprises rules & other gaming stuff. Also has an e-mail address felix@felixent.force9.co.uk.

The Foundry: Wargames Miniatures. Their catalogue, some pictures of their figures & some free stuff.

The Gauntlet Info on their games & rules including Cross of Iron, Scudbusters, Congo Commando and Panzerknacker.

G.H.Q. 1/285th armour & 1/2400 ships.

The Guardroom UK mail or der wargames shop, Now ON-LINE.

HaT Industrie. 1/72 & 1/32 Plastic kits & figures. Outlets at:

Historical Miniatures Store. Order on the Web or by e-mail.

Helion & Company, UK are an on-line book company (military a speciality) run by SOTCW member Duncan Rogers. e-mail duncan@helion.co.uk.

MagWeb provides an on-line subscription service for a number of gaming magazines.

Military History Book Store. Order on the Web or by e-mail.

Military Miniatures, in Auckland, New Zealand, do a range of 15mm WW2 models and have an e-mail address drb@clear.net.co.nz.

The Nafziger Collection. Individual OOBs and books of organisation. e-mail contact info.

Osprey Military Books. Lists of their books, illustrations, articles & links.

Panzerschiffe Model Ships. 1/2400 scale WW1 & WW2 naval models.

Peter Pig. Do WW1, SCW, WW2 & Modern 15mm figures & vehicles. e-mail martin@peterpig.demon.co.uk.

PIQUET wargames rules.For which a WW II supplement is to be released.

Quality Castings Inc. run by Chuck Cook in the US have a WWW page and e-mail address qc@qualitycast.com. They make 15mm figures and vehicles from WW2 to the present.

REVIRESCO 1/72nd WW1 & WW2 metal models.

Roll Models.

Scenic Effects, Inc. Model Buildings (inc. WW2).

Signifer Home Page.

Stone & Stone Armies of the Second World War Books & TOEs (TOEs for a variety of Commonwealth units free & on line).

Rhino Models. 1/72 & 1/76 manufacturer of WW2 Soviet vehicles.

General 20th Century Military

Link Sites

The Military WWW/FTP Sites List. A large number of WWW pages & ftp sites relating to all aspects of the military from the sci.military.moderated news group. Some links may by now be out of date.

The Military WWW Sites List By Sandy McClearn.

General 20th Century

CanTankerous Page by Brandon Keith.

E-HAWK US Military. Includes an excellent military history search engine.

Heavy Metal AFV Archive A pictorial archive of land warfare by Michael Brunk.

Insignia Magazine. Military aircraft markings.

militaria.com. Military Collectors page. Uniform pics etc.

Military Vehicle Digest by William Perkins.

WW1 Sites

World War I Primary Document WWW site Lots of documents concerning the Great War (roughly 1880-1925). From WWI-L.

Tommy's Pack Fillers Museum quality WW1 reproduction items for the Great War Historian and Collector.

WW2 Sites

In Desperate Battle. Articles & photos relating to the Canadian forces in Normandy.

Puolustusvoimat in the WWII. Loads of info on the Finnish army in the second world war.

US Army Uniform Items. Photos of WW2 kit.

World War II - The Never Published Images. Photos collected by an Italian soldier of Savoia Cavalleria

Post War Sites

Advanced Warfighting Working group

AFV NEWS - Tanks & Armour Page by George R. Bradford. Includes Armour camouflage & markings for some WW2 & modern AFVs.

Armor NET. Lots of Info, photos links related to modern AFVs & armored tactics.

Army Doctrine and Training Digital Library. Downloadable field manuals from the US military.

Army Times. US DOD's News.

Australian Army Home Page. With links to alsorts of info on the Australian Army.

Australian Special Forces Page. Pictures, history, info, links.

BosniaLINK US DOD information on activities in Bosnia.

British Army WWW Page. Inc. short history of all the regiments, photos & info on some equipment.

C.A.L.L. The Centre for Army Lessons Learned.

Centre for Defence and International Security Studies. Lancaster University, UK.

Chinese Military Aviation by Hui Tong. Pictures & info on airforce and navy.

Chinese Weapons Homepage by Wei Jun. Lots of pictures.

Fort Knox Doctrine Work Page

Images of My War A personal account of the Vietnam war.

Issues in ARMOUR. The (US) Army's Armor magazine.

Military Equipment of the Former USSR & Russia. VERY IMPRESSIVE photos & info on all manner of weapons.

The Norwegian Defense pages.

Red Thrust Star Lots of articles relating to the NTC/OPFOR & modern warfare doctorine.

The UNOFFICIAL Royal Sweedish Army page. Lots of pics & AFV stats.

Three-Four-NineWorld military aviation. OOB, pics, links.

US Special Operations - Hot Links Page Links to EVERYTHING you wanted to know about the US Elite & Special Forces (and lots of them!).

Other Information Sources

TIME World Wide Home Page Current international news stories with searchable archive.

BTG Jane's EIS Some of Janes defence publications.

Jane's Online. Contents of publications, news & interviews.

Open Media Research Institute. The World Center for Analysis of the Former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

PCL Map Collection Massive archive.

Deja News. Searchable index of news groups on the internet.

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