MT2003 Applied Mathematics

MT2003 is a second year course in Applied Mathematics. The main topics are listed below and a detailed syllabus is available.The web pages on Numerical Methods and Partial Differential Equations have been converted from LaTex to html using an automatic converter. There are a few problems with the automatic numbering of equations. When any errors are reported, they will be corrected.

Calculus Revision (3 lectures) Prof. E.R. Priest

Mathematical Models (7 lectures) Prof E.R. Priest

Dynamics (8 lectures) Prof E.R. Priest

Partial Differential Equations (10 lectures) Prof. A.W. Hood

Numerical Methods (8 lectures) Prof. A.W. Hood

Vector Calculus (18 lectures) Prof. D.G. Dritschel

AWH Aug 2003