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Science and Religion Activities (including talks and climate change)
2009 (Dec): My "Retirement" Party (Photos and Speech)
2011 (August): Television Interview with Sally Magnusson,
2013 (Jan): Video of Colloquium at IAC, Tenerife
2014: Brief invited scientific autobiography entitled 'A Life of Fun Playing with Solar Magnetic Fields'

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James Gregory Public Lectures on Science and Religion
(Earlier Thoughts and Downloads on Global Warming)
Locations in St Andrews where Gregory is being Commemorated
St Andrews Chorus        (BBC podcast on "Music is Good for Your Health")
St Andrews Bridge Club
St Andrews Episcopal Church

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Photographs (2003--present)
Personal Details (cv, family, first eclipse, Hale prize, FRS, 60th birth)
Science and Religion Activities
Xmas Letters

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Press Releases, Solaire

5. Lecture Courses (before I retired)

6. Solar MHD Book (Problems)

I am a member of the Solar MHD Theory Group in the Maths Institute at St Andrews University