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Postdoctoral Research Assistants

Dr Patrick Antolin (since Jan 2016): modelling and observations of the solar atmosphere

Dr Paolo Pagano (since Oct 2015): 3D Numerical simulations of MHD waves in the solar atmosphere

Dr Tom Conlon (2015 - 2016): SDO and STEREO observations of intensity perturbations in the extended solar corona
Now School Teacher

Dr James Threlfall (2012 - 2013): comparing oscillations observed by SDO and CoMP
Now Research Fellow at the University of St Andrews

Dr David Pascoe (2008 - 2013): numerical modelling of the behaviour of waves and oscillations in realistic geometries
Now Research Fellow at the University of Warwick

Dr Ian Whittaker (2011 - 2012): analysis of SDO observations of waves and oscillations in coronal loops
Now Lecturer/Senior Lecturer at Nottingham Trent University

Dr Andrew Inglis (Jun 2010 - Sep 2010): observational analysis of oscillations in the solar corona
2010: NASA Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Goddard Space Flight Center (US)

Dr James McLaughlin (2007 - 2009): numerical project on the modelling of wave propagation in complex magnetic structures
Now Reader at the University of Northumbria