Computing in Maths : MT4112

This is the home page for the "Computing in Mathematics course - 2013 - Semester One" (MT4112). You will find here the course materials as they are made available to you during the duration of the semester. .

Course Materials

  1. Handout One : Course outline, linux basics, f90 compilation.
  2. Handout Two : Program structure, data declarations, numeric/relational/logical operators, IF& DO constructs, 1st look at arrays.
  3. Handout Three : Arithmetic expressions, intrinsic functions, complex types, READ & PRINT.
  4. Handout Four : Characters and strings in fortran.
  5. Handout Five : Internal procedures, scope, INTENT attribute, second look at arrays and array arguments.
  6. Handout Six : Fortran 90 Modules & Class Project Part3.
  7. Handout Seven : Arrays Part 3- RESHAPE, ORDER, array arithmeic, Dynamic Allocation. Keyword and Optional arguments.
  8. Handout Eight : Simple File Input & Output. Keyword and Optional arguments.
  9. Handout Nine : The "SELECT CASE" Statement and the Exam.

Class Project
  1. Part One
  2. Part Four

Exercise Solutions
  1. Solutions One  :  No solutions required
  2. Solutions Two
  3. Solutions Three
  4. Solutions Four
  5. Solutions Five
  6. Solutions Six  :  No solutions required
  7. Solutions Seven
  8. Solutions Eight  :  No solutions required
  9. Solutions Nine

Assignment Questions
  1. Assignment One
  2. Assignment Two : Example Code
  3. Assignment Three

Assignment Solutions
  1. Solutions Assignment One
  2. Solutions Assignment Two
  3. Solutions Assignment Three

Class Project Solutions
  1. Solutions Class Project One
  2. Solutions Class Project Two
  3. Solutions Class Project Three
  4. Solutions Class Project Four
  5. Solutions Class Project Five
  6. Solutions Class Project Six

Extra Exercises, Solutions & Handouts
  1. Extra Exercise Handout One
  2. Extra Exercise Handout Two : Solutions
  3. Extra Exercise Handout Three : Solutions
  4. Linux Redirection Handout

To F90 Online Down-loadable Documents

  1. University Of Manchester

    Please note that the copyright of the materials remains with MAN T&EC and therefore if you download the materials you need to do two things: [1] Acknowledge MAN T&EC when using any of the materials. [2] Email your name, affiliation, email address, postal address, phone number and fax number to Also the full set of downloadable F90 documents at Manchester can be found here

    F77 to F90 Course : in compressed PostScript format.

  2. University Of Liverpool

    Before downloading these notes please can you please fill in the following email form. Please add your email address and in the body of the message state your employer / institution and location. Also the full set of downloadable F90 documents at Liverpool can be found here .

    An overview of F90 : 75 min Seminar. An overview of the key new features of Fortran 90.

    An Introduction to Fortran 90 : For competent High Level Programmers who want a concise and detailed overview of the key features of Fortran 90.

    An Introduction to Programming with Fortran 90 : An Introductory Three Day Course

    Programming in Fortran 90 : For those with programming experience in a high-level language who wish to be primed in the Fortran 90 language.

    Fortran 90 for Fortran 77 Programmers : for those with programming experience in Fortran 77 who wish to receive an all-round knowledge of Fortran 90.

    Fortran 90 for Programmers : An extensive tuition in Fortran 90. All language features are described in detail with the exception of some of the more obscure facets of I/O!

Links To F90 Interactive (Hyperlinked) Documents

  1. University Of Liverpool : Main Index Page -University Of Liverpool
  2. The London Parallel Applications Centre : Introduction to Fortran 90 (+HPF)

Misc F90 Links

  1. Fortran 90 Software Repository : Many user contributed files

Links To Other F90 Indexes

  1. High Fortran 90 Resource List : The Manchester and North Training and Education Centre
  2. University Of karlsruhe : Fortran 90 Miscellaneous
  3. The University Of Liverpool : Fortran 90 Course Development
  4. University of Linköping, National Supercomputer Centre : A comphrehensive list

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