Thomas Howson

SMTG St Andrews

Postdoctoral Research Assistant


I am currently a postdoc in the Solar and Magnetospheric Theory Group at the University of St Andrews. My supervisor is Professor Ineke De Moortel and I am funded by a European Research Council grant.

Visiting Old Faithful in Wyoming

My research concerns the coronal heating problem. We hope to compare the heating efficiency of several wave, reconnection and turbulence based theories to test their suitability for heating the solar atmosphere. My research interests include:

  • 3D MHD simulations of reconnection heating.
  • The behaviour of MHD waves in complex magnetic fields.
  • The formation of the Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability in oscillating coronal loops.
  • The use of forward modelling to generate synthetic observations from numerical experiments.

Outside work, I have a love-hate relationship with golf - I think its fantastic until a sliced drive into the gorse on the first brings a swift change of heart. My feelings about football are fairly similar but my proudest moments include bringing the National Astronomy Meeting football trophy to St Andrews four times!

Talks and Conferences
Thanks to the financial support of the ERC, STFC and the RAS, I have been able to attend the various conferences and workshops listed below.

Date Meeting Location Information
January 2020 School Research Day St Andrews Talk
June 2019 9th Coronal Loops Workshop (LOC) St Andrews Talk
December 2018 DKIST Critical Science Plan Workshop Las Cruces, New Mexico -
September 2018 BUKS2018 La Laguna, Tenerife Talk
June 2018 CISM Summer School - Advanced Topics in MHD Udine, Italy -
April 2018 European Week of Astronomy and Space Science Liverpool Talk
March 2018 UKMHD St Andrews Talk
January 2018 RAS Specialist Discussion Meeting London Talk
September 2017 European Solar Physics Meeting Budapest, Hungary Poster
July 2017 National Astronomy Meeting Hull Talk
June 2017 8th Coronal Loops Workshop Palermo, Italy Talk
March 2017 UKMHD Durham Talk
January 2017 School Research Day St Andrews Talk
Aug/Sep 2016 5th SOLARNET Workshop - Heating in the Solar Atmosphere Belfast Talk
July 2016 HPC and MPI Summer School Edinburgh -
Summer 2014 Solar Physics REU Bozeman, Montana Website

The formation of the Kelvin-Helmholtz Instability.

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University of St Andrews, Fife, UK
Phone: 01334 463729
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