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European Research Training Network PLATON

Plasma Astrophysics: 
Theory, Observations and Numerics of
Heating, Flares and Winds

  Plasma Astrophysics of Heating, Flares and Wind

PLATON Final Meeting
Observatoire Astronomique, Strasbourg, France
24-25 June 2004.


The PLATON network links eight European research teams working in the field of plasma astrophysics. PLATON started to work on 1 August 2000 and is funded by the European Commission for four years. The network member teams will tackle and provide training in three outstanding questions in plasma astrophysics, namely:
  • How are the coronae of magnetised objects heated ?
  • What is the underlying mechanism for large flares ?
  • How are winds and outflows of magnetised objects driven ?
Other EU Research Training Networks which work on topics directly related to PLATON's research topics are the European Solar Magnetism Network (EMSN II) and the Turbulence in Space Plasmas Network .

Coronal Heating Flares Winds



The PLATON network is funded by the European Commission in its programme